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9th South Delicatessen Review – True East Coast Deli Flavors Come to 9th & 9th

15 March 2011 By: Kevin 11 Comments | Editor's Picks, Restaurant Reviews

I was truly excited when I heard about the opening of a Jewish deli just up the street from my office, at 9th & 9th. Immediately I was craving matzo ball soup and some warm pastrami…I told my colleague it was time to take an early lunch.

9th South Deli Salt Lake City

9th South Deli is located just east of Great Harvest in a remodeled home – not your typical Jewish Deli location by any means. This deli has a unique feel to it that is very welcoming and “homey”, but with a classy, upscale twist. The home has been extensively upgraded with polished wood floors, bright wall colors and plenty of stainless steel. The home’s layout with  lots of interior walls adds to the charm, creating a few separate dining areas.

9th South Deli Salt Lake City

On to the menu – 9th South Deli features most everything you would expect from an East Coast style Jewish Deli. I would say it is more of a Jewish-style deli though because not everything is Kosher and the menu has quite a bit of variety – which is perfect for a location in Salt Lake City. I don’t think many people around here will ever order Gefilte Fish anyways! The two featured sandwiches on the menu are the Reuben (called “A Reuben is a Reuben Already” on the menu) and the hot Pastrami – we are off to a good start here. They also have egg and tuna salad, a rosemary ham sandwich, turkey and bacon with pesto, and many others. They also feature a few homemade soups (matzo ball!), sides and salads, along with a selection of hard-to-find East Coast sodas like Dr. Browns.

9th South Deli Salt Lake City

Like any good Jewish deli, 9th South Deli features half or whole sandwiches. My plan was to get a bowl of matzo ball soup and a half pastrami sandwich ($8.95), but alas, they didn’t make any matzo ball soup today. Bummer! I have to give them some slack though because they have only been open for 2 weeks and have not even had their Grand Opening yet…apparently matzo is hard to come by in Utah as well. I decided to try a cup of their homemade chicken noodle soup instead ($2.95), and my colleague went with the full Reuben sandwich ($12.95).

9th South Deli Salt Lake City

My half pastrami came out hot, with plenty of whole grain mustard on the pumpernickel bread, along with a side of macaroni salad and a pickle spear, a nice bonus. The sandwich was a good size, but definitely not as big as some I’ve had in New York. My half pastrami set me back $8.95, and for the price I thought it would be much larger. The full Reuben was slightly larger, on excellent rye bread. We were both immediately impressed with the quality of the food; you can tell there is a whole lot of love put into everything on the menu. The soup was packed with shredded chicken, fresh cut vegetables and had just the right amount of saltiness to it. It also came with 4 slices of rye on the side (so much bread!).

In short, you gotta go try 9th South Deli for yourself. The food is high-end and packed with flavors you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Utah. My only gripe is the prices. A half sandwich and cup of soup set me back $11.95 (for counter service served in plastic baskets). My colleague’s tab was $13 for just a whole sandwich and water. You might expect prices like these at a real New York Jewish Deli, but this seems a little indulgent for lunch in Salt Lake City. For these prices in Utah, the portions should be enormous. Other menu items were more reasonable, and the cup of soup was fairly priced, so I may have to try some other sandwiches.

I will definitely be back to 9th South Deli, but only when I feel like splurging on lunch. If the prices were better I could see going there at least once a week. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think…

9th South Delicatessen
931 E 900 S

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  • Becky said:

    I spotted this new deli just the other day! I’m super excited that there will be a casual lunch spot at 9th and 9th, definitely something that the neighborhood needed!

  • Faith Gartrell said:

    Address mentioned is not correct. 931 East 900 South.

  • kase bowman said:

    This is a great place, Ive been looking for a great deli for a while and I have definitely found one. The pastrami is great and not to ridiculous. The motsaball soup is magic and the chicken noodle is the best iv e had hand down so hit it up fo-sho! PS I used to live by Canters in LA I know what Im talking about

  • Kevin (author) said:

    Thanks for catching that – it’s been updated.

  • Lynn said:

    Looking forward to a place that has original bagels. Well, this is NOT it. After waiting some time to place an order (the hostess was too busy talking to her friends) I was told that you had to PRE-ORDER BAGELS, there WAS NO CHOICE of what kind, you could only GET SIX, and you had to PICK THEM UP THE NEXT DAY. Well that was weird but okay, I’ll try. So the next morning (24 hours later) drove out of my way to pick up the most terrible bagels I’ve ever had. AND they had written on the bag, NOT PAID FOR. Which of course I did, because they required it when ordering. The salt bagels made all taste like salt bagels. Tasted like big doughy blobs of bread. Real bagels have that boiled then baked outside and chewy inside. I was so hoping that another bagel place would come back to 9th and 9th and give us a choice, but it looks like it’s back to Einstein’s mediocre fare. But at least you get them when you show up and can get as many as you want. Also had the potato latkes at the deli. So-so and expensive. I’ll wait 6 months and then try again. Maybe they will have changed for the better. All I can say is, wait for awhile. Maybe the staff will and food and prices will get better.

  • Mari said:

    I read about this deli in Sunset magazine. They said “Salt Lake City finally has a Jewish deli!” So I was thrilled, until I started reading the reviews.

    Folks, IF this is not a Jewish deli, then don’t call it that. I have been to NYC, I love delis & have been to the best. Even in Seattle, there are good Jewish delis.

    I will give this deli a try and post a review. Hope I am not disappointed.

  • Becky Rosenthal & Heidi Townsend | The Luncheon Project said:

    [...] 9th South Deli, Salt Lake [...]

  • Peter Chamberlain said:

    Visited the deli today after hearing a lot of hype about it. I had the Reuben on pumpernickel. I thought the pastrami was a bit timid for my taste and the swiss wasn’t sharp enough. The sauerkraut was very good. Mild like it should be and the 1000 island dressing was tasty although they were a little stingey with it on the sandwich. They did have a bottle of it at the condiment table so I could slather it on like I like it.

    Overall a pretty good Reuben for Utah, but, in my opinion, a Deli makes its own meats so I’ve got a small problem calling it a deli. However I would recommend it for people that haven’t had the chance to have a good deli sandwich.

    Is it in the same league as Katz or Carnegie, no, but it’s pretty good for Salt Lake.

  • Josh said:

    Had the Reuben, girlfriend had the pastrami. Roughly 4 hours later we both suffered the most horrendous case of food poisoning. Extreme and violent with never ending symptoms of e coli. Never going back to this place and I highly recommend you to wait until their kitchen is properly inspected my health officials.

  • Scott said:

    While I applaud the passion of the owners and their desire to establish a traditional Jewish deli here in Zion, nothing but utter disappointment resulted from my first visit in Oct 2012. Having lived for many years in Manhattan and Ann Arbor and regularly frequented Carnegie, Stage, 2nd Ave, Katz, Yonah Shimmels Knish and Zingerman’s (many referenced on 9th South’s menu) there’s no comparison whatsoever to these traditional Jewish delis either in terms of atmosphere or sandwich execution. I ordered a traditional hot corned beef on rye with mustard. Sadly everything happened back in the kitchen out of view rather than behind the counter where customers can watch the process. What I expected was juicy corned beef with a thin layer of fat, heated by water/steam piled high on soft rye with a hard crust along with basic spicy brown deli mustard and a decent pickle. What I got was dried out corned beef that had been heated on a grill and piled low on toasted rye!!! An average Kroger house brand green spear came with my sandwich and I was told that 9th South did not have any spicy brown mustard….this is a deli right? I’ll give 9th South a 2nd chance, but seeing muffin tins of knishes was not inspiring. This place may be all the rage and win awards in SLC, but a Jewish deli it is not!

  • Laurie Hallas said:

    If you want a true, “real Jewish deli” as this article talks about, you should go to Feldman’s Deli (27th so, 20th e, just north of the original cactus and tropicals). Felman’s is a true Jewish deli- the “Jewish sloppy joe” is incredible- and the Reuben is amazing. If you’re worried about the size of the sandwiches? 9th and 9th are nowhere close. Each sandwich is sliced to order and fresh- the soups are all home made. Most sandwiches are on Jewish Rye- but you have choices if you want to start ruining the authenticity. It’s probably the only kitchen in SLC that doesn’t have a microwave. It is simply amazing as far as corned beef and pastrami sandwiches- home made knish – kishka-potato pancakes-i could go on and on but hey- just go there and experience a “real Jewish deli” in Utah! BTW- if you’re worried about prices- go to freaking subway. Yes, they are a little price but they aren’t expensive when you consider; 1. you get your moneys worth 2. you are paying for the best quality pastrami and corned beef this side of NYC. *Don’t forget the cheesecake….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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