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Editor's Picks - Salt Lake City Restaurants

Want to know where to find the best breakfast in Salt Lake City? How about the top five burgers in town? Our editors give you the inside scoop on their favorite Salt Lake City restaurants.
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Cucina Deli Review – Good Value and Local Charm in the Avenues

Cucina Deli in The Avenues has been one of my favorite little places in Salt Lake since discovering it a few years back. I always remember it as “Cucina on Avenue Q” (although it’s actually in between Q and R Streets) because I tend to forget street names when they just have letters and numbers. And although it’s just nestled in between the cute houses in the neighborhood, it’s not hard to find. Just look…

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The Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge – A Delightful Culinary Experience

Looking to escape the  90+ degree heat that is baking the Salt Lake City Valley during the peak summer months? Well then jump into your car and take an incredibly scenic drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon! The mountain weather up the canyon at Snowbird is perfect this time of year and with the wild flowers spread all over the mountains, the hiking and biking is off the charts!! Plus, Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge is offerings some…

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My Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Salt Lake City

So you just met this hot guy at Coffee Garden. He has long dark hair, beautiful green eyes, and he’s just asked you on a date. The only trouble is **screeeeeetch**, he’s a vegetarian and you are in charge of picking a place for dinner tomorrow night! Don’t fret – I’ve got you covered!
Here’s my top 4 favorite vegetarian restaurants in Salt Lake City:
Sage’s Cafe

Sage’s Cafe is located on the border of…